One afternoon while driving around Makati, Ito, my brother, John, and I passed by The Collective and decided to drop in & have a snack.  While munching on chicken satés & having Vietnamese coffee at Kaffir, we were drawn to the exhibit that was just ending at VinylOnVinyl, the eclectic pop art/toys/music gallery right beside the little restaurant.

It turns out that the exhibit was by an Indonesian artist named Arkiv Vilmansa who created fluid, graphic, acrylic on canvas paintings depicting his impressions of the Philippines & his trip to Boracay.  Abstract in nature, with saturated colors and undulating lines that leave an impression of an image rather than a literal representation, the exhibit is just one in a series of exhibits going on at VinylOnVinyl that mix Filipino culture with a fresh, unexpected, contemporary point of view.

Just one of the reasons to skip out of the mall every now and then, and discover the many interesting things happening around Manila 🙂

This artwork which became the poster for the exhibit was inspired by the colors of the Philippine flag

Inspired by the Jollibee icon, “The Believer”, acrylic & ink on canvas, Arkiv 2011

Even the wall & circuits outside VinylOnVinyl Gallery get the Pop Art treatment

*VinylOnVinyl Gallery fuses local pop culture, toys, music and art in one contemporary space.  It’s located in The Collective, along Malugay Street in Makati.

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