(Image from www.manila.travel)

We are currently right smack in the middle of a form of insanity, what most people fondly call the pre-Christmas rush.  Last night, Ito & I were dressed up and ready to head out to two events, the Ferragamo store opening & launch of their custom-ordered red carpet shoe line, and the Rogue holiday bash to celebrate it’s 50th issue.  Instead we ran into a heavy downpour and ‘pre-Christmas rush hour traffic’…so we did the only sane thing we could do, which was turn around and head back home to let the traffic pass.  Of course, once we got home and put our feet up, we never left again.

Oh well!  Of course we would have greatly enjoyed seeing friends and celebrating festive occasions with them, but I’d rather look at the string of lights on our potted Christmas tree at home than the unending string of lights of the traffic on the road!  And the up-side to getting dressed for an event and not making it is that I have an extra outfit to wear 😛

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