Some of my favorite sources of fashion inspiration stem from the ordinary, common scenes we see everyday.  From ancestral homes adorned with wrought-iron grillwork & ornamental metal on beautiful windows and gates, to busy markets filled with homespun crafts.  These familiar scenes influence me to create dresses and gowns with an artisanal, handmade quality and a tongue-in-cheek visual play on the familiar.

Inspiration is everywhere if we just take time to look around!

This sketch that I did mixed lacy metalwork and homespun details into a ancestral home/market tableau

Gowns & dresses with a tongue-in-cheek approach to incorporating ancestral home details

“Not by the Book” is currently available through special order. Just drop a note in the comments section (along with your email address) and we will get back to you. Free delivery within Metro Manila.

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