Robots and VW Kombis is not a usual theme for a wedding–in fact, I can safely say that in over a decade of being in fashion and designing for weddings I have never come across a theme like this one!  It’s an oddball kombi-nation (pun intended), to say the least, which is why it intrigued me so much, but after meeting Ramon and Vina for the first time during our initial consultation it started to make a little sense.  They are such a quirky and adorable couple!  But it was when I finally received their very kooky, very unusual wedding invitation (designed by good friend Joan Mateo–nice one, Joany!) which shared the couple’s ‘opposites-attract’ love story, that it all started to make perfect sense…

To keep in theme, Vina’s gown design was inspired by vintage robots and circuitry boards.  Instead of white, I used platinum silver Duchesse silk satin, with beading inspired by a circuit board overlayed with metallic illusion tulle.  To balance off the playful theme, we kept the gown’s silhouette sleek and elegant, reminiscent of the 50’s-60’s.  In place of a traditional veil I collaborated on a design for a bridal fascinator with Ming Ong that incorporated her signature copper wire work with “auto-botic” hardware parts.

Circuit board inspired beadwork mixed shiny & matte silver beads with tiny hints of copper

Ming Ong & I collaborated on a bridal fascinator with copper-wire and “auto-botic” hardware

VW Kombi charms hang from the buckles of the bridal shoes

Vina’s copper-red hair is the perfect complement to her platinum gown

I love the tattoo on her arm!  It reads “Courage, Pride, Temperance” in Latin

Vina’s beautiful hair and make-up was done by Marj Aznar & Michelle Cabrera

Brides really have a special glow!

Lovely mother and daughter

The beautiful Cruz family in striking colors

The cutest little fashionista, Vina’s adorable niece Rocio!  Her dress and shoes are so chic

Sending off the soon-to-be Mrs. Rodriguez to church…best wishes Ramon and Vina!

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