At work and at home, my desk is my favorite place of creative refuge.  It’s where I answer emails, map out trips and research new things.  It is also where I sketch and design, sort swatches and spread out fabrics, browse through magazines and make mood boards, journal and blog–basically, it’s where I dream when I’m not asleep in bed.

People are always surprised at how neat my work desk is, so I must confess an obsessive-compulsive tendency to tidy up my space at the end of the day no matter how busy things are, and how messy things are sure to get again the next day.  I need to start the day with a clean desk top (same goes for my Galaxy Tab–nothing littered on the desk top and everything filed away! Okay, so I’m a neat-freak, LOL)

I’m obsessed with newly sharpened yellow pencils and have to have a full box’s worth on my desk, all the time.  And I need natural light!

A clothes rack of cocktail dresses near my desk where I work on new designs.

Another rack of clothes–these are mostly sample gowns from shows.

Reference books, Vogue magazines, Galaxy Tab 10.1, sketches, pins, colored pencils (in box), regular pencils (in mug) sketchpad, antique letter opener…& Ray-Ban sunnies.

Peeking at people’s desks is like looking inside their purses…so what do you keep on, and around, your desk? 🙂

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