One of my favorite things to do when walking around a city (either here or abroad) is keeping an eye out for visual inspirations, so  aside from a travel diary, I also have a photo diary of anything interesting that catches my eye.  Usually I just snap a photo with my phonecam to keep for my moodboard.  The biggest preconceived notion that most people have about design (or fashion, or art) is that it should always be glamorous, dazzling and larger-than-life, when in fact, many of the best design elements are sparked by the most common, overlooked things.

A golden reflection in a puddle on mottled cobblestones

Vibrant graffiti against dust and rust in a sidestreet

Neon & silver striped garbage collectors

Smoking corner with lime green florals against geometric shapes

Feathery grass and powdery gray sky on a hilltop

Squiggly lines and vertical stripes under a shed

Pretty blossoms on a metal rain grill

Flirty and fringed promotional banners

Couture table napkins

A pop of blue against brick red stripes

Abstract splatters of house paint against midnight blue

Graphic graffiti patterns on a parking wall

Lacy branches tangle with geometric lines on the service road



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