It’s summer! Travel is always fun and a great way to de-stress and feed your creativity (it’s waaay better than Pinterest for finding inspirational visuals for your vision/mood board!), and what could be an easier way to satisfy your wanderlust than to simply grab some friends and hit the road to head off to wherever catches your fancy? With summer vacation here, plus all the long weekends lined up for 2017, I predict there’s bound to be a road trip or two (or more!) in your not-so-distant future 🙂

So to help you along, I’ve compiled some practical–as well as not-so-practical–road trip tips that have really come in handy whenever Ito and I head off that will hopefully make your future journeys as enjoyable as your travel destinations.

1.  If your schedule permits, avoid the weekend crowds all together and plan your road trip on weekdays–you’ll have the roads, and your destination, mostly to yourself. If that isn’t possible, try to take a day off from school/work and leave for a weekend road trip really early on a Friday morning. Traveling before dawn is the coolest way to go…literally. Avoid rush hour traffic and head straight out of the city, then just stop for a snack/breakfast at one of the tasty roadside restaurants along the way.

2. Don’t be in a rush. Enjoy the towns you pass, stop when you see something interesting, pick up some unusual handicrafts from the roadside shops, try an interesting local cafe or restaurant. Take your time to enjoy the gorgeous views!

A (stunning) river runs through it #LaUnion #roadtrip #adventure #Philippines #nofilter

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3.  Put together an upbeat Spotify playlist that will put you, and everyone you’re with, in a good mood. Singing, or even dancing, along will always be optional (you can even use your dash-cam to create your own version of “Carpool Karaoke” during your drive!) 🙂 Of course if you’re the one at the wheel, feel free to join the singing but no texting and driving, please!

4.  Fashion is a lot more fun when taken on the road, which is why I decided to get a little playful during a recent road trip. Pack clothes that are comfy and appropriate for where you’re going, but also consider bringing a few fun pieces that can turn your time on the road into an Instagram goldmine. Hats and shades are always practical AND stylish, while scarves/sarongs make great cover-ups as well as making a colorful backdrop for your photos–if you are feeling playful, you can even do an impromptu photo shoot in a roadside field, or a small town market.

5.  Pack a picnic basket! Always a fun way to enjoy a meal whether on the road or when you get to wherever you’re headed (read Putting It Together and Tips on a Picnic), a picnic is also a great way to bring along all your favorite left-overs to enjoy with friends at no added cost…even day-old adobo and pasta (or simple chips!) will feel more special. As a bonus, picnic baskets always look cute and make great props for your Snapchat stories 😉

6. Hydrate! Pack water bottles in a cooler (freeze some to act as your ice packs as well) and drink lots of water on your trip. We usually have a cooler within arm’s reach that’s packed with ice-cold water, fresh juice, and easy to eat fruits like grapes, oranges, apples and bananas.

7. Plan your toilet stopovers (believe me, this is very important especially for us girls). Take note whenever Waze shows a big, reputable gas station coming up and make sure to make a pit stop–this is where you’ll find the newest, cleanest toilets along the highways.

8. Share your journey. Whether you’re road tripping with friends or traveling solo, sharing your favorites with others through social media allows more people to benefit from your experiences (in the same way that you can pick up tips from others). Make a habit of ‘paying it forward’ and share the things you come across that you enjoy so that it broadens and multiplies the fun for all travelers. (So if you like these tips, please feel free to share as well! 😉 )

*All photos by Ito Ocampo

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