There are more sides to fashion, and many, many more sides to the people in fashion, than meet the collective eye. Beyond the shows and catwalks, we discover people with a myriad of interests and dreams who aren’t just fashionistas, they’re passion-istas.

If there’s a model who’s done it all, it would be Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez. From when she started as an ingénue model, to product endorser, to actress, to designer, and most recently, to Project Runway Philippines’ unflappable host, she’s remained a force in fashion. To top it off, she’s a wife and a mother to a beautiful brood that’s ready to join her–if they can be cajoled–on Manila’s runways. So what’s left for a Superwoman to do? Apparently, if you’re Tweetie, a lot more as she plans to further hone her passion for accessory/industrial design and add yet another feather to her (very fashionable) cap.





Dove gray caped jersey gown: Tippi Ocampo/ Model: Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez/ Makeup: Iya Yujuico/ Photos: Ito Ocampo

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