It’s the end of the year, and looking back, my favorite things about the-year-that-was were the little things. We always celebrate the big moments in life, but it’s the tiny surprises that often slip by unnoticed that really bring us back into the moment and keep us there.  May the coming 2015 bring more of these everyday treasures into our awareness, and may the joyful little moments add up–a  bit at a time–into an amazingly grand year ahead!

IMG_5848Spread the love! Entranced by this woven ‘graffiti’ found on a sunny park bench

PA140260Guardian angels–looked up and saw these playful cherubs watching over us from a high ceiling

IMG_5873Music to my eyes 🙂 These park grills, when seen from the side, looked like they could carry musical notes

*Photos by Tippi

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