Why Filipiniana? Why not?? Wearing fashion inspired by our cultural heritage doesn’t need to happen only when attending government functions or ‘Filipiniana attire requested‘ weddings, because Filipiniana can actually be fun and fashionable to wear on its own–for no other reason than simply because you want to :-). I’ve actually also written a blog post about my love of the Barong Tagalog here “How Do I Love the Barong?”.

photoBlack sleeveless jersey gown with sheer back panel and embroidered piña bib (photo from Sense & Style magazine)*

photo(1)Beaded and appliquéd French lace on piña silk barong tunic/dress*

IMG_6140Calado embroidery on oversized linen barong shirt dress*

*All gowns/dresses Tippi Ocampo modern Filipiniana designs

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