Summer!!! My ABSOLUTE, no contest, hands-down favorite season of the year (the sweltering heat notwithstanding). This time, going off the beaten path to explore the raw, volcanic, lush beauty of the island of Camiguin was as refreshing to the mind as taking a dip in any one of its many waterfall pools or cold springs. Surprisingly–or maybe not–design inspiration abounded too in its rich, earthy terrain, its water-color washed seas and its faded & crumbly colonial architecture. Here are just a few of my Instagram ‘postcards’ from Camiguin…

photo(6)Natural materials like cotton, leather, straw & stone make perfect summer travel mates

photo(15)The volcanic landscape makes a breathtaking backdrop to the marine sanctuary on Mantigue Island

photo(16)Loving the tropical stripes on banca #14, our ride for the day

photo(18)Nothing says cool like the breezy atmosphere & airy, down-to-earth chic of Somewhere Else Boutique Resort

photo(7)Aside from the lush vegetation, green walls and flower trellises abound

photo(17)Driftwood chandeliers & bamboo walls in the romantically crumbly church in Sagay

photo(19)A long-time favorite of mine, stylish weaves of all shapes & sizes are a hand-made, local industry

photo(20)Soft, pastel hues and a watercolor-washed horizon on White Island

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