For my birthday, Ito took me on a four-day trip to Singapore for a heaping dose of some of my favorite things–art and food. Being immersed in fashion everyday, it was great not to have to think about clothes too much for a while (but only for a while! ;-))…to just slip on sandals and a dress, put on a backpack and cap, and head off on foot to explore the city’s burgeoning number of museums, galleries, restaurants and food stalls.

Fueled by plates of roast duck pizza, Hainanese chicken rice, and of course, spicy chilli crab, and armed with giant glasses of Singaporean sweet iced-kopi, we managed to cover more ground than our feet felt was possible. We soaked ourselves in some of the exhibits we’d been dying to see (Andy Warhol’s ’15 Minutes Eternal’ for me, and Magnum photos ‘Outside In’ for Ito), along with some exhibits at the Gillman Barracks that we knew little about but were pleasantly surprised to discover. We even saw some amazing photos by our friend, Wawi Navarroza, on exhibit at the ArtScience Museum…wow. Too bad photos with the photos weren’t allowed! Truly a very, very happy and inspiring birthday for me 🙂

PS- For those who texted me during my birthday, I’m truly sorry not to have received your messages because my phone wasn’t on roaming. I also haven’t begun thanking everyone who took the time to leave greetings on my fb wall, but I’ll get to that, I promise!

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