Fashion has never been as global and culturally-diverse as it is today. Which is why it seemed like a good time to work with something that was inherently local, and to find the beauty in things around us which are, very often, overlooked. Ever since the “Green Couture” show using recycled materials that friend Candy Dizon organized over a year ago, the idea of playing with fashion that drew inspiration from materials that are usually under appreciated and discarded kept playing in my head.

For fun, we recently experimented on a fashion shoot with dusky beauty, Farah, showing a sexier, more glamorous side to an everyday material and Filipino cultural staple…can you guess what it is?? Yup, it’s inspired by rice! 🙂 The clothes were all created by cleaning, deconstructing and putting together a lot (and I mean a lot) of recycled rice sacks, and the accessories were made using a lot of rice grains. Needless to say it was tons of work to do, but also tons of fun. Extra rice please!

MODEL/Farah Ramos, HAIR & MAKE-UP/Maws Diaz, FASHION/Tippi Ocampo, PHOTOS/Ito Ocampo

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