It was fun stepping out onto the streets of Makati last Saturday and people watching, listening to live music, having a light beer (I passed on the Red Horse and Red Bull that was going around, LOL!) and enjoying the super laid-back, street-party atmosphere of this year’s Alliance Français-sponsored Fête de la Musique. Next to watching the movie “Rock of Ages” the other night, this was the second closest thing that brought us back to our high school/college years, hahaha!

Since they closed off the streets around and leading to the makeshift stage for the festivities, people just set up wherever they pleased, simply hanging out or putting on an impromptu performance (hula-hoops on fire, anyone?). Walking around & hopping from bar to club to street corner, Ito and I ran into lots of friends and familiar faces that night which only added to the genial vibe 🙂 Of course we had to cap the night off with some delicious steamed dimsum and noodle soup at David’s Tea House–c’est parfait!

Local bands, international DJs, lots of fun

Wish I’d worn a flower wreath too!

Grooving with French DJ Chinese Man

Here’s to more music in our lives! Til next year’s fête! 🙂

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