In spite of the latest calamity that has hit our country, there will always be a reason to get together and gather with friends in the Philippines.  As the cliché goes, sharing our problems make them lighter, and sharing our triumphs make them sweeter (or something to that effect…I’m paraphrasing :-p).

Last Saturday I reunited with my past, getting together with some of my favorite advertising people from my life-avant-fashion at the home of former Ogilvy ECD, David Guerrero.  This Ogilvy reunion was for a group that was particularly memorable, particularly inseparable and particularly crazy, so while many of us have moved on to different things since then (I was there from ’97-’99), we always find ourselves still keeping in touch and cheering each other on in our new endeavors.  Now what could be a better reason to celebrate than that?

(Although we found out that we had another reason to celebrate, since our host, BBDO-Guerrero’s David Guerrero, shared with us that they had just been awarded the Department of Tourism’s latest advertising campaign.  Talk about coming full circle!  Personally, I couldn’t be more thrilled, now that two of the most brilliant marketing/advertising minds are at the helm of branding our country :-)).  Cheers to that!

Beautiful table setting at the home of our hosts, Adobo magazine’s Angel Guerrero & BBDO-Guerrero’s David Guerrero

With former group-mates Manny del Rosario & Carmina Mapa del Rosario, and David & Angel Guerrero

Neil French (in book form) heads the table with Ito, Oman, Melissa, Lyda and Rianna

Good times with some truly great people!  Ogilvy ’95-’98 🙂

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