It’s the finals night for the Fashion & Design Council of the Philippines’ social design competition “Weaving The Future” this coming Tuesday, November 22.  After months of sifting through many talented fashion design hopefuls from all over the country, the final 20 designers (10 for apparel and 10 for accessories) were chosen and presented to the press a few months ago.

The past two months saw the designers executing their designs using local, indigenous materials and meeting with their respective mentors for feedback regarding their pieces/collections.  Everything had to be meticulously executed while considering the production costs, sustainability of the product and its impact on the environment, and of course viability of developing the piece or collection for the retail market.

Last Wednesday was the first time that the collections were all presented for initial judging, and I have to say that several of the collections as well as accessory pieces really blew me away!  The young designers really pulled out all the stops in coming out with modern, innovative, and most importantly wearable ways of weaving the indigenous materials into contemporary cuts and designs.

Of course I won’t say who my favorites are for now 😉 we’ll have to wait and see how the final pieces and collections look when they are completed, properly styled and finally come down the runway.  We’re so excited to find out who will be the winner of this year’s first-ever Philippine Fashion Design Competition (PFDC) social design competition.  These bright hopefuls are the future of Philippine fashion!


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