When in Gion, do as the geishas do…well, not exactly.  It’s not like I can learn to perform the tea ceremony, or do a ceremonial dance, or even properly put on a kimono in one afternoon, but I can certainly shop skincare where the geishas shop!  Geishas, or geikos, are known locally in Kyoto as women of the arts and while “Memoirs of a Geisha” probably didn’t do them justice, it definitely increased people’s fascination with them (I know it did for me).  So while I may not exactly fit the bill as a maiko, I can at least take home some beauty products and pretend to be one 🙂

Historic and picturesque streets and alleyways of Gion

Pretty little shops and tea houses line the streets

Yojiya is a classic beauty & skin cosmetics brand created in Kyoto and founded in 1904

Such beautiful kimonos worn during the day!

I skipped their famous “Aburatorigami” (oil blotting facial paper) & got the “Tsuyanotama” exfoliating facial cleansing sponge, “Tsuyabi” natural face wash powder, and Yojiya loose face powder instead


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