For many people fashion can seem intimidating, or frivolous, or just plain out-of-this-world.  Most people in Manila grew up wearing uniforms everyday to Catholic school and never really developed the understanding of fashion as a way of expressing themselves as opposed to just a way of covering up their bodies.  Fashion, at its best, builds self-confidence because it’s not about fitting in, but about trying out and experimenting with the different sides to ourselves–one day we can be tomboyish, the next day a vixen, and the day after that, buttoned-up and proper.

First and foremost, fashion should be fun (because if it isn’t then it’s just a functional uniform).  If you like uniforms, that’s fine.  But why stick to conformity when there’s an entire range of styles to try on and enjoy?  Many people are afraid to look silly, so to be safe, they just end up wearing what everyone else is wearing.  But in reality they end up stifling not just their fashion sense, but their sense of themselves and who they are.  More than following trends, fashion is about following how we feel at a given moment, so indulge yourselves from time to time!

Fashion also allows us to step into roles before our inner selves eventually follow…how many times have we dressed up for an important meeting and felt our inner awkwardness morph into confidence as we put on a sharp suit and pull ourselves together?  Or how many times have we put on a pretty dress on an off-day and felt our spirits eventually lift?  Fashion has a way of shaping our experiences subconsciously.  And whether we like it or not, our fashion says a lot about ourselves to others, without us even saying a word.

So try experimenting a little more with your fashion–relax, have fun, and let your inner fashion child come out to play 🙂

My 3-year old attempts at fashion, LOL!

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