Looking through my grandmother’s pictures the other day brought on a wave of wistfulness, and made me remember how she first got me hooked on vintage things with all the little trinkets and kitschy items she would give me every time I visited her in Cebu.  Now that I ‘inherited’ quite a few of her things (along with her vintage tea set), I love mixing them up with more casual clothes or wearing them with some of my newer vintage-inspired designs.

What are some of your favorite ways to wear old things? 🙂

Lolalu’s lucite beaded bag that’s perfect with jeans, a t-shirt & ballet flats or a cocktail dress & heels

A full skirted, silk dress I designed with blown-up photo-printed flowers

Lolalu’s cone shaped cocktail ring that I sometimes wear as a pendant on a satin ribbon around my neck

Lolalu’s fully beaded, structured evening handbag–my favorite matched with simple, structured dresses

Lolalu’s turquoise brooch that I pin on everything (bags, t-shirts, dresses, scarves)

An olive-green wrinkled taffeta coat that I designed–perfect with different brooches on the lapel

Lolalu’s brooch with pearls & black stones work well mixed with a bunch of thin chains & boots


Lolalu’s teeny, tiny Egyptian powder compact…so cute with anything!

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