It’s been a transformative first few months of the year ūüôā Like I mentioned in my¬†last blog post, “Lessons of 2018”, from the end of last year¬†when Ito and I¬†continued our cleaning and clearing process–mentally, spiritually and physically–we also began bringing new life to old things that we had forgotten about but started¬†to see¬†in a different light. At the start of 2019, creating a more sustainable environment and consciously lessening our energy leaks (wasted time stuck in traffic, mindless¬†consumption, maintaining¬†a lifestyle that resulted in too much junk, to name just a few) were our intentions.

While sorting¬†out stuff, we found¬†that our storage area at home had been gathering dust, along with boxes of old magazines, computers, gadgets, furniture, fabric scraps, etc., and we suddenly became aware¬†that we had an overlooked, but interesting space that¬†could easily be turned into a place that would allow our imagination room to play.¬†As¬†we cleaned and planned out how to best utilise the area,¬†we realised we didn’t want a ‘designed’ room, but a little¬†studio/workshop that would let us play with paint and materials for whatever projects we had in mind.

Right now it continues to be a work in progress, and in the process of fixing the space even the things we were throwing out¬†are getting a new lease on life. We are¬†re-fashioning, re-imagining and creating with whatever things we find¬†and documenting the exercise. We don’t know what this space will evolve into, but as the room is transforming, the things in it are transforming as well…and maybe¬†that’s the whole purpose of having room to play to begin with ūüôā

A fresh coat of white paint and a small glassed gate that leads to the garden let more natural light in to brighten up the room

Screened breeze blocks make interesting shadow patterns (that remind me of lace) and allow the flow of natural ventilation

Sorting, arranging, cleaning, clearing. Re-imagining, re-purposing and re-fashioning as we fixed up.

Before clearing them out, we¬†created¬†a collage ‘patchwork’ blanket¬†from old magazine pages

Making time to dream, play, create (with fabric scraps and old fairy lights)

Gathering inspiration from an old, repurposed tarpaulin painted with leftover paint

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