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All That Glitters

It’s the season for the shimmer of gold, the shine of silver, and the twinkle of fairy lights.  (published in Metro magazine) Fashion may have its regular seasons, but there is probably no glitzier or more glamorous season worldwide than Christmas. In Manila, where our Christmas season runs for a quarter of the year, we don’t have autumn/winter collections, we celebrate our good tidings (and sunny Christmases) with ‘Holiday collections’.  It doesn’t matter what your religious affiliation may be, Christmas has established itself (for better or for worse) as an extravaganza unlike any other. After all, it’s the time of year when store windows beat the fashion catwalks in putting on extravagant, larger-than-life, fantastical displays—the time of year when not just people, but entire cities dress up and wrap themselves in all things glittery and sparkly. Precious Metals Metallic hues are perfect for the holidays, especially in more muted, burnished shades that won’t make you look like you covered yourself in tinsel foil. I love how even just a touch of gold, silver, bronze or pewter adds edge to even the most basic outfits.  Whether as an accent piece or as a full ensemble, the sheen of precious metal is as appropriate now as it was many years ago when given as a king’s gift to a baby in a manger. Crystal Clear Whether it’s to add a festive...

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Street Smart

Take your high fashion inspiration from the beat on the streets  (published in Metro magazine) There are the catwalks…and then there are the sidewalks. Style-savvy people have always sought inspiration in unusual places and a city’s avenues and side streets are some of the best places to source for innovative fashion ideas.  From The Material Girl to The Sartorialist, the streets have always provided people with some of the most fashion forward takes on style.  So whether it’s people watching in another country, or scouring the sidewalk bazaars that have sprouted all over Manila, taking your fashion cues from real life puts an unexpected twist to the oftentimes glitzy, glamorous face of fashion. Gritty & glitzy Adding a little funk to the fabulous keeps fashion from being too precious.  This is why most luxury fashion houses add flavor to their collections with trends picked up from the street.  Whether it’s mixing denim with your couture, adding a little grunge to the rustle of silk taffeta, or shredding a perfectly tailored suit, adding a touch of “street” to refined pieces gives it more edge. Beauty of a bargain There’s nothing like the thrill of digging through bazaar bins and finding a beautiful piece for next to nothing!  Even kitschy pieces can have a beauty all their own when worn with the right attitude.  Knowing how to mix and match your...

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For the Love of Vintage

Bucking the trend of a disposable society (published in Metro magazine) Fashion has always been a force that pushes forward, seeking out the next big thing, looking for the next hot trend.  But at a time when consumerism has seemingly spiraled out of control, and when high fashion and ‘luxury’ brands are churning out goods at mass-produced rates, the things that inspire me the most are those that are likely to have been around for some time, and will continue to be stylish for years to come. Sense of History It’s not that I only like old things, because I am as thrilled and excited by all things shiny and new as the next person.  But I do like things—old or new—with a story behind them.  And vintage pieces, by their very nature, always come with a sense of history whether real or imagined.  I think it’s the idea of pieces designed to last more than a season and created for a reason other than to make a fast buck that captures my imagination. Timeless Quality The level of quality and attention to detail of older pieces is something not often found even in newer ‘luxury’ items that have been compromised for the sake of better business returns.  Trends are usually designed to be exciting but fleeting.  However, when quality and attention to detail are given to a design,...

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Coming Up Roses

Mixing and matching different ideas and design inspirations with a healthy dose of femininity (published in Metro magazine) I’ve recently found myself fascinated with the concept of femininity and how it translates to design in modern times. So much of everything we see around us now is an amalgamation of different ideas and aspects of what’s feminine, from our beauty ideals to our fashion trends. This season a woman’s strength comes from showing her softer side, and as I love mixing design inspirations, I noticed that it’s the contrast of feminine and masculine elements together that I personally like more than ambiguous androgyny. More Color Color is a design element that is very important to me, and I love the impact that the right use of color or the combinations of colors, has on even the simplest design. I don’t really go for a lot of brash, in-your-face colors but I do love rich, saturated hues and jewel tones that I sometimes mix together. I also like the surprise of contrasting a soft, feminine color with a strong, masculine shape, and vice-versa. Touches of Nature Nature has long been one of my favorite sources of inspiration, and flowers and vegetables (strangely enough) fascinate me with their variety of shapes, colors, textures, and even smells. I think ‘modern’ design is often thought of to be hard-edged and sci-fi futuristic, but...

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