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The Beauty of Recycling

Fashion designers have fashion emergencies too!  Even with racks upon racks (upon racks!) of clothes around, believe it or not, fashion designers sometimes find themselves with nothing to wear.  Oftentimes it’s because we’re too busy with work & designing for clients to make something new for ourselves, so it’s a trip to a designer friend’s (or our own) sample closet that usually saves the day.  The gown that I grabbed at the last minute to wear to Monday’s Philippine Fashion Ball was actually a gown I designed 7 years ago for a fashion shoot!  Over the years I’ve made variations of this gown for clients, and now the ‘vintage’ sample has been resurrected & recycled too 🙂 Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this...

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Philippine Fashion Ball

Last night, August 15, was the first Philippine Fashion Ball held at the Rigodon Ballroom of the Peninsula Manila.  It was great having everyone in the industry–from the different fashion associations, different fashion magazines, different modelling groups–all celebrating together.  And everyone looking so impossibly chic while they were at it too! At the end of it all, the black & white theme said it best.  Fashion brings together people, ideas, tastes & styles from extreme ends of the spectrum, and makes it all work beautifully. Here are some scenes from last night’s Ball…more to follow…(click on the thumbnail for a bigger picture) *Congratulations to Keren Pascual for a highly successful event & Robbie Carmona for directing it! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this...

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Smart is the New Sexy

                    When it comes to interpreting what’s sexy, we’re finally wisening up. Sex.  It’s the supercharged word that’s all around us, confronting us at every turn from our advertisements, to our fashion, to our music, to our movies. As the oft-repeated phrase goes “Sex sells”.  But what is sexy, really?  Is it skin-baring ensembles that leave little to the imagination?  Is it surgically enhanced bodies sculpted to perfection?  Is it putting on killer heels and a dominatrix sneer? Sexy is more than all of that, I think.  I find that the sexiest people combine an awareness of how they look with an awareness of how they think and feel.  Their self-assurance and sex appeal are born of knowingness beyond what looks good on them.  In other words, truly sexy people don’t just dress smart—they ARE smart. Sharpen Up ‘Porn-chic’, ‘Ghetto’, ‘Glamazon’…been there, done that.  Now is the time to stand tall and look pulled-together again.  Elegant dresses, smart suits and prim (but not necessarily always proper) little ensembles are the perfect way to look sexy but polished.  To keep things fresh, I like updating tailored pieces with unexpected patterns or tempting hints of color. Intelligent Design Design, whether in fashion or other fields, is more than just a superficial add-on.  Good design brings together functionality with desirability, like the sensuous...

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All That Glitters

It’s the season for the shimmer of gold, the shine of silver, and the twinkle of fairy lights.  (published in Metro magazine) Fashion may have its regular seasons, but there is probably no glitzier or more glamorous season worldwide than Christmas. In Manila, where our Christmas season runs for a quarter of the year, we don’t have autumn/winter collections, we celebrate our good tidings (and sunny Christmases) with ‘Holiday collections’.  It doesn’t matter what your religious affiliation may be, Christmas has established itself (for better or for worse) as an extravaganza unlike any other. After all, it’s the time...

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Street Smart

Take your high fashion inspiration from the beat on the streets  (published in Metro magazine) There are the catwalks…and then there are the sidewalks. Style-savvy people have always sought inspiration in unusual places and a city’s avenues and side streets are some of the best places to source for innovative fashion ideas.  From The Material Girl to The Sartorialist, the streets have always provided people with some of the most fashion forward takes on style.  So whether it’s people watching in another country, or scouring the sidewalk bazaars that have sprouted all over Manila, taking your fashion cues from...

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