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Keeping It Fresh

There’s always something exhilarating about a new year, a clean start, a fresh outlook. 2017 promises to be whatever we make it to be, and the same goes for our fashion. Clean lines, fresh silhouettes, and a meticulous eye for details allow us to step forward into whatever awaits us, confident that the past is behind us and there is everything bright and vibrant to look forward to. Modern Filipiniana striped piña-cotton cropped barong top w/ lace appliques and jersey A-line dress: Tippi Ocampo/ Model: Kelly Misa-Fernandez/ Make-up: Iya Yujuico/ Photos: Ito Ocampo Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post...

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PASSIONista: Kelly Misa-Fernandez

There are more sides to fashion, and many, many more sides to the people in fashion, than meet the collective eye. Beyond the shows and catwalks, we discover people with a myriad of interests and dreams who aren’t just fashionistas, they’re passion-istas. As befitting the new year, Kelly Misa-Fernandez is a passion-ista that welcomes transformation. She may have started out her career as a model, but she certainly didn’t end there. Over the past years, she gracefully and easily transitions from top model, to beauty columnist, to host (of “Trending Now”), to lifestyle blogger (on her own website) without missing a beat....

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Siargao: Going with the Flow

After island adventures in Coron and Borneo, Ito and I wanted to step out of our comfort zone and in the process ended up in Siargao, the “surfing capital of the Philippines”. Neither of us surf, but we both wanted to give it a try, and the cool, laid-back vibe of the island seemed extra enticing in a season of overcrowded beaches. Siargao sits in the Philippine Sea in the province of Surigao del Norte, and as soon as we booked our flight, we realized we were in for more than we planned. For one, the island turned out...

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Borne(o) Identity

While revisiting old favorite places is always fun (read about our Coron adventure here 🙂 ), making new discoveries are always part of the excitement of travel. When Ito and I flew into Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, this summer we didn’t know much about the island of Borneo. We were simply looking for a relaxing beach getaway that wouldn’t be too crowded! As it turned out, Borneo pretty much fit the bill. The largest island in Asia, Borneo is shared by Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei, and is home to wide stretches of beach, ancient rain forest jungles, and an incredible...

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Coron: Follow Your Heart

Ahhhh, Coron! Ito and I just can’t get enough of this lovely corner of Palawan. It is, without a doubt, one of the places that we love most. Last February, we once again found the lure of the islands too hard to resist and made our way back to stay for a week. On that visit, we were hoping to catch a glimpse of the endangered dugong (or manatee) which had eluded us in our previous trips. The dugong is a gentle herbivore, said to have been mistaken for a mermaid by fishermen in the past, and can often...

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