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Diary of a Garden Rose (and a Non-Gardener)

It’s been a busy past few weeks for Ito and me, but instead of fashion we’ve found ourselves focused on an ‘adulting’ aspect of life–home maintenance. But surprisingly, even amidst the cleaning and clearing, recycling and restoring, repairing and repainting, there was still a lot of design inspiration to be found 🙂 One afternoon, after most of the paint touch-ups in the house had been done, some shadows fell on the cover we had used to catch the paint drippings, and the shaded areas looked a bit like a rose. So with the leftover paint, we decided to create...

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Back in London (and a Birthday)

It was our final week in the UK (read part 1-“London: Blue Skies Overhead!” and part 2-“Great Scott! Exploring Glasgow & Edinburgh), and so for our return to London we decided to stay in a different area that was walking distance to Camden, Primrose Hill and Hampstead Heath. Roaming around our different ‘neighborhoods’ became one of our favorite things to do with shops, markets, eateries, pubs, canals, lakes, zoos, picnic grounds and sprawling parks all close by. When not exploring our surrounding areas, we luckily got to catch some wonderful shows that we had  really, really been wanting to...

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Great Scott! Exploring Glasgow & Edinburgh

After a week in London (click here to read part 1 “London: Blue Skies Overhead!”), it was time to head off to Glasgow. It was Ito’s and my first time to visit Scotland, and we were very excited! We took the Virgin train from Euston Station and settled in to enjoy the views while listening to some good tunes over fresh coffee and croissants. While Edinburgh is famous for being historic and beautiful, we decided to make Glasgow our base and visit Edinburgh from there, since Glasgow has a growing reputation for a certain creative grittiness along with having...

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London: Blue Skies Overhead!

This blog post is seven (yes, seven!) months late, and is about our UK trip late last year that I never got to write about. The last time we visited the UK before that was a 2-week family trip to London three years ago that gave us a good taste of the city (we even managed to catch 6 plays that time: “Matilda”, “Billy Elliot”, “The Book of Mormons”, “We Will Rock You”, “Lion King” & “Stephen Ward”), but which also made Ito and me realize that there was still sooo much of it left to explore. So on...

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Summer Road Trip Tips

It’s summer! Travel is always fun and a great way to de-stress and feed your creativity (it’s waaay better than Pinterest for finding inspirational visuals for your vision/mood board!), and what could be an easier way to satisfy your wanderlust than to simply grab some friends and hit the road to head off to wherever catches your fancy? With summer vacation here, plus all the long weekends lined up for 2017, I predict there’s bound to be a road trip or two (or more!) in your not-so-distant future 🙂 So to help you along, I’ve compiled some practical–as well...

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