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She For She 2018 Talk: Fashion Your Life

What is the role that women play in society? In the recent “She For She” forum organized by the French embassy in the Philippines, this was the topic discussed along with gender equality and women’s empowerment. Together with many other inspiring women speakers and industry friends (Jeannie Javelosa, Rocio Olbes-Ressano, Hindi Weber-Tantoco and Maica Teves) in the day-long forum moderated by Aurélie Salvaire who founded ShiftBalance, I was invited to give a short talk on my work as a fashion designer along with Lyka Gonzalez (filmmaker), Hannah Morales (photographer) and Liza Diño (chairperson of the Film Development Council of the Philippines) for our segment...

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When a Journey Goes South (of France)

That’s the thing about adventures and journeys…we never really know where they’re going to take us. With the Philippine peso’s recent depreciation and the rising cost of commodities, Ito and I were planning on holding off taking an overseas trip this year. But an impulsive visit to the Travel Fair to look for a last-minute deal on local resorts for summer led us (through a few twists and turns of fate and an irresistible promo fare) south–to Paris and the South of France. Unlike our previous trips which we usually take in the fall, the dates we randomly chose fell closer to Ito’s birthday and our anniversary, and...

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Fashion Tips: A Local Touch on Foreign Streets

Traveling is all about new experiences, but sometimes it’s fun to bring a touch of home with you wherever you go–and if the world is a stage and every sidewalk is a runway, then the best way to do that is through fashion. Because as the world becomes more homogenized and ‘fast-fashioned’, what better way to individualize your look and stand out from the crowd on foreign streets than to add a bit of local flavour? On many of Ito’s and my trips, I try to mix a modern Filipiniana piece with my streetwear basics for a more contemporary, ‘real style’ take on local fashion. For autumn...

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Madrid: New Places, New Faces

(This is the second of two blog posts. Read the first one here “New Horizons: Surprise Trip to Madrid”) Traveling has always been such a big part of Ito’s and my life from way before we got married. Getting to know new places always brings us such a delightful thrill, and that’s especially true when it’s combined with getting to know new people as well. On our last trip to Madrid, we had the pleasure of meeting and bonding with some very, very lovely women from different parts of the world. After the initial thrill of being in a new city,...

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New Horizons: Surprise Trip to Madrid

I can’t believe we’re already a quarter of the way into 2018!!! 😮 This is my first blog post in quite a while, as I plan to ease back into writing more regularly. I’ve been looking forward to sharing our unexpected trip to Madrid late last year which I found out we were going on soon after my birthday–what a lovely gift!  This was Ito’s and my first time to the capital of Spain, although we had visited Barcelona years ago, and it was fun getting to know a whole new city again. The weather in November was ideal, with bright sunshine, intense blue skies and enough chill...

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