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Kitchen Tips: Alternative Teas

Before anything else, I’d like to say that I am¬†a beginner in the kitchen, so any tips that I am sharing are very easy to do and are things I recently learned during quarantine ūüôā Early on in the quarantine,¬†I quickly found out that drinking multiple daily espressos was not a good idea because it heightened whatever jitters¬†I was feeling¬†(on top of leaving me with excess energy that had nowhere to go).¬†I needed to find drinks that were soothing instead of stimulating, and hopefully something that would be good for our¬†health too. Like most people,¬†we have a malunggay (moringa)...

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Sowing the Seeds

I have to admit, before this year, Ito and I were never¬†much of homebodies. We always loved traveling, exploring other countries or visiting different local islands, but¬†these days spending more time at home really forced a change of pace for us. And it isn’t just us. For the majority, the quarantine brought about a slowing down, not only of the frenetic¬†way we lived¬†our life, but also of the instant gratification we had all gotten used to. At the start of lockdown¬†(click here to read my first blog post, “When Time Stood Still”), our help and I¬†began a small vegetable...

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Chaos and Creativity

Ahhhh, 2020. The year that¬†put¬†the most insane, terrifying roller coasters ever created to shame…and we’re only two-thirds of the way in! This is the year that showed all of us how naive we were to even think that we had any control over anything. It was¬†early into the Manila quarantine¬†when¬†I randomly came across this quote: “When everything is uncertain, anything is possible”. Even in the midst of all the turmoil I was feeling, a light went on in my head. What a brilliant¬†thought! (I can’t find the author of this quote, so please comment if you know who it...

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Waking Up (to a Different Time)

Five months ago, when¬†Manila was initially put under¬†quarantine, I found myself waking up earlier than usual–around 5:30 am¬†to¬†6 am–and being unable to go back to sleep (to read our first lockdown story, click here “When Time Stood Still”). I¬†would¬†start doing yoga in the quiet of the morning only to be brought out of my meditation by noisy¬†chirping, intermittent squawks, or some¬†loud birdcall. As¬†I¬†looked¬†for the sources of the sounds, I¬†discovered that the quarantine had offered newfound¬†peace and quiet¬†to wandering birds, and they were making themselves at home in the trees in and behind our house.¬†With everyone kept at home, everything¬†closed,¬†and...

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When Time Stood Still

It’s been a year¬†like no other, it’s safe to say. ¬†When 2020 began, no one knew what a loop we would all be thrown for. I haven’t written a blog post¬†since the start of the year¬†because¬†soon after my first fashion post,¬†the world–and time as we knew it–was brought¬†to an abrupt stand still. It’s not often that the entire world has a shared experience, but this is the year that Covid-19 unified us in an extremely¬†strange way.¬†Life in quarantine began (for those of us in Manila anyway) in mid March…and since then, at least for me, time has seemingly ceased...

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